10 things to be aware of, if you are dating or marrying a Lawyer!

Much talked about dating your best friend to dating someone who loves to travel. Let’s get to know about what it takes to date a Lawyer.

1) Be aware of what you promise even verbally because it can still be considered as an oral binding contract for your partner and they can almost mentally sue you for its specific performance.

2) They are usually very much ambitious and career oriented, so be assured of enough space and time for you to pursue your dreams in addition to the motivation and the encouragement from their side. You will be one of those lucky persons who don’t receive clingy messages and calls throughout the day from their partners.

3) You never have to worry about what fancy clothes to buy for them. One classy piece of white shirt and that’s exactly what they would need.

4) Be watchful of what you speak, because they can not only read and hear between the lines but also get into those lines and brilliantly conclude something which you probably would have never even intended.

5) You can NEVER WIN any argument till the last breath of your life with them. Even if you have got a valid point to support your argument, they will always have an other better and more logical point to rebut yours, probably with some real life case laws too.

6) You can have a conversation with them about almost anything and everything. They always will have an opinion to put forth on things that are beyond gossips, fights and shopping malls.

7) There are high chances that you may have to deal with their OCD (ORGANISED Compulsive Disorder).

8) They are your daily newspaper. From Salman to Yakub, the insights that you get about these cases, you know comes from where 😉

9) Don’t be surprised if you are asked to maintain decorum in the bedroom. Their obsession for DISCIPLINE is beyond your imagination.

10) “Lawyers are unromantic and unsentimental” is a myth. They are straight-faced just in the courts, they pretty much have their hearts and tears in place otherwise.

Rtr. Nirali Shah, 22, Advocate

27 thoughts on “10 things to be aware of, if you are dating or marrying a Lawyer!

  1. Haha rightly noted the misery of lawyer’s man but more merits wanted 😀
    Cudnt stop laughing throughout ’cause I knew how true they were :p 🙂


  2. beautifully crafted, I must congratulate you for your efforts, reasoning and observation. you are leading and innovative in your thoughts. I was smiling while reading it and I felt that it can be served as notice as it has all essential elements/ ingredients 😉


  3. See I m nt totally Satisfy with Ur Lawyer Rules Bcoz First We are Human Being . Everyone Needs each other in Life and Life means only Adjustment to Live Happily Forewer…


  4. HAHAHA 😀 😀 ..this is all what I was doing, while reading. I feel all of them are so soooo sooooo true. 😀 very nice.


  5. I am in love with the writer. You can always date a writer who can dissect a lawyer with such clarity and humour.

    Best for the rest. Look forward to read more.


  6. haha…………..every coin has two side………….why date a Lawyer……………when your mind does not work……….than u want to have super power to deal with …………….NO PROFESSIONAL LAWYER WILL DO THIS ………………………THING………./////////????????taali ake hat se naihi bagati.
    ur home work is 45 % done


  7. I just want to say thank you for creating this article. I’ve just started dating a lawyer and this article has made me feel more comfortable about my decision to date him. I really enjoyed reading your article.


  8. I almost completely disagree with this article. I’ve had romances with lawyers from New York, Los Angels, San Francisco, and many other countries. I find most to be close minded, argumentative with insipid reasons for their arrogance and disagreement, unable to empathize or read people well, and poor communicators in real life. Besides, I’m smarter than most of them and that gets annoying, too.


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