Leading From The Front

In a secular country like India, there may be infinite number of religions practised, but it is said that there is only one religion that unites Indians and that is CRICKET. (it can be seen during world cup matches) Although hockey is our national sport it is cricket that enjoys supremacy in terms of fan following. The reason for such popularity of cricket is the quality of players India has produced over the years. From the era of Kapil dev to the recent hero Virat Kohli, cricket has always given people something to cheer.  Being a follower of cricket since the last 15 years, we  always talk about Sachin Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly, Sehwag, Kumble, laxman but than came one person who is as good as anyone and who redefined the art of captaincy. He proved that you don’t always need to be aggressive, talkative, run around the field to be a successful captain, with his sharp thinking and cool mind he has been leading our side since last eight years. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the best captains India has produced till date. His qualities as a leader are just extravagant and admirable.

At some stages of life, each of us is a leader, or we need to develop as a leader. 
Though Dhoni is the captain of our cricket team,but his ideology, his approach, we all can learn from it and implement it, doesn’t matter if one is a student, an employer, an article trainee, an intern,an aspiring corporate officer or an aspiring athlete.

1) KEEPING IT SIMPLE:- Dhoni has an habit of keeping it simple, backing up his decision. He is more of a doer than a thinker. The biggest mistake we make in life is complicate things. We should analyse the situation, plan our response and act  accordingly without thinking much.

2)FOCUS ON THE BULL’s EYE:- MS has this immense ability to insulate himself from the external environment and focus on his job. He hardly cares about opinion of media or someone who criticises him, he is free from all the distractions. Honestly speaking , this is an area were we youngsters need to improve on. We are trapped by all the distractions in life that sometimes we completely forget the job or the thing which we are supposed to do. Example:-Addiction of social media and exam season, you all can imagine the situation very well.

3)COOL and CALM:- His ability to stay calm and absorb the pressure is one of the greatest gifts as a leader. It’s a lesson for all of us about how we should handle high stressful situations without much of a tension and a calm composure. Developing this attitude as a long time habit can help us achieve miracles in life.

4)Managing Failure:- There is no person in this world who can say that I haven’t failed in my life. The important thing is how do we tackle that failure and how do we bounce back?There have been tough times when people raised questions on Dhoni’s captaincy but despite all the odds and criticism he has bounced back and lead the team to victory. When we fail, people around us start making fun of us and enjoy our failure. Success lies when silently we keep our head down,do our work and proove them wrong.

5)I am CONFIDENT in whatever I do:- Technically , Dhoni wasn’t as good as  Sachin or a Dravid. But he has some extraordinary hitting abilities. He hits the ball hard and a long way. That’s the reason he is called one of the greatest finishers in world. During tough situations he has come to the crease and took India home. We all have our own strength and weakness. The thing is how do you manage to hide your weakness through your strengths. We may not be perfect in everything we do but we should be confident in few things and do it very well and complete it.

6)TRUST your mates:- People will only follow their leader when they trust him. Suppose you are assigned a group project and you have 4-5 persons in your group. Your biggest challenge is identifying the strength of each individual and than allocating the work so that the process is smooth and yields good results. When something wrong happens, it’s a leader’s  duty to encourage and keep motivating rather than shouting and blaming. Dhoni played a young team in 2015 World Cup down under, were India won eight consecutive matches before loosing a semi- final battle against Australia.

7) Stay humble, Stay Perfect:- Some people achieve success earlier but get carried away. It’s about showing maturity and keeping the feet at ground which  can further lead to our elevation.  Dhoni did exactly the same, when he was made captain,ahead of some senior players. This is one of main points we can learn from his leadership ability. It’s great if we achieve success earlier,  but we should stay humble, be matured enough and continue doing our job.

8) Versatile and Adaptable
Changes are a part of life . The one who understands it, acts accordingly is a master. Sometimes we regret how things were, how things could be instead of focusing on how things are and acting on it. Dhoni, in his career as a captain and as a player has always been Adaptable. He does exactly what the situation demands. Even when the team was loosing, he never complained and took the responsibility of improvement.  Change management is one of the area everyone of us should know how to cope up with.

The Indian Captain turns 35 today. The achievements in his career as a player and as a leader is something every Indian should be proud of. From a hard hitting finisher down the order to one of the greatest captain to have played the game, he has given his fans every reason to cheer.


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