Raksha Bandhan, amplifying bond between brother and sister.

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in the holy month of Shravan, on the full moon day. It is one of the widely celebrated festival, a celebration of a sacred bond between a brother and his sister. Raksha means protection and Bandhan mean bond.
The pure bond and love of siblings is celebrated on this day. It is often said that this is a festival where sisters tie rakhi to their beloved brother thanking them for the protection and  also promising them that they would always be together for each other.
Here are few things which sisters do for their brothers which are admirable.


She is always there for you, no matter you both fight with each other, beat each other but love is a common thing you both share.

She knows you longer than anyone else. She will never judge you. You both know each other very well.


She is your first best friend. She is your best company in any boring family function.


She is the best guardian you can ever have with you. She can teach you some important rituals of life in the style which you understand, rather than lecturing.


If she is younger than you, she is your darling girl whom you love the most, you have witnessed  the cuteness in her childhood, spending time with her is fun and with her naughty things she can relieve your stress.


She is the best secret keeper, she will hide biggest of your secrets though sometimes she will blackmail you but just for fun.


She will give you the best of advice on how to impress a girl you like, how should be your first date, what all things should you speak about with your girlfriend. Just think how good is it.


She is the one of few persons who knows your phone password, WhatsApp and can easily chat with your dream girl on behalf of you and the results would be colourful.


She is the saviour when you have to complete your projects and assignments at last minute,  will stay awake with you the whole night and get the work done.


At home, mostly all the time she will leave no stone unturned to make fun of you, imitate you.


She fights with you but if anyone else harms you or says anything bad to you, she will be the worse to that person and criticise that person such that they will never dare to talk anything bad about you anytime.


She is the best company at late nights when you want to watch movies, have ice cream, go for long drives, sing songs, watch sports and be crazy.


During Raksha Bandhan or Bhai Dooj she may not be well but she will cook your favourite dish with her hands.


She is your all time selfie partner, you both would be having some horrible poses.


You get the biggest of birthday surprises and gifts when she is around, she may be busy but the day your birthday arrives celebration is the first priority, work can wait.


Mostly, your best outfits are the ones selected by her, your best photos at family functions are the ones clicked by her.


She will instantly sense when something is wrong with you or something is bothering you though you may try to hide it


She knows all of the songs you secretly like but don’t tell anyone about, so it’s completely acceptable to turn it up and belt it out in the car with her.


She will always be the one to try something new with you and will make that experience a memorable one.


At times of tension, she can say just one word to make you laugh uncontrollably, and it’s the Wait-Stop-I-Can’t-Breathe-kind of a laugh. Your “crazies” match up, which makes life just a little bit.

Apart from all the jokes you share, the weird moments, best memories, it is a relationship where you cry together and share your happy moments together.
Your sister will love you for what you are, she will never let you down and she will do all the things to bring out the best in you.


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