INFINITY, some unfathomable tales


SHE-the best warrior.

She is a warrior

Today she is born
Nobody liked her
But she is only one hour old
Why everybody disliked her?
Because she is a girl
Oh my my!

She is a girl now what?
She will brighten the world
You criticize her
She will cook the food.
You taunt her.
She will bring gifts for
You pur her down.
She will work amd earn
You underestimate her.
She will bring medals for  you
You demolish her moral.
She will greet you with smile
You serve her tears.
She will give you the best if her heart.
You judge her
She is the upbringing of society
Because she is she
And you are you
She is a seed
More you put her down
She will grow
You show enmity to her
She will fight
She doesn’t prefer to be called as princess
She is a warrior
Who society dislikes
And one handed she took care of her child
She prepared food and went for work
All you did is be a hurdle in her life.
Dear society
Your pressure takes out the best of her
She is not defeated by you
She is a Warrior

                                  -VIDHI PANDYA.



We’re working and working,
for the bosses we don’t like.
We don’t even know the people,
whom we want to leave behind.
We’re running so very fast,
for no heavenly reason.
We’re maintaining friends and relations,
by faking love and expressions.
We’re calling ourselves alive,
when we can’t even try to live.
We’re pretending to have all the wisdom,
none of which, we can share and give.
We’re having all the values within us,
but they disappear, when show-time comes.
We’re loving things and using people,
we’re liking routines, and hating fun.
We love our best friends,
who get changed in months or years.
We hate our beloved parents,
who said and meant all their forevers.
We’re developing our technology,
and we’re learning science,
Even when poetry, music and art,
Are the real things that we like.
We’re earning money to buy things,
that make us happy, for some days.
We’re earning money and losing our dears,
Who meant everything, were lost in haze.
Look where we have come,
Look what we have become.

-RTR Jaanvi Haria





Though a man in seventies,
I still keep myself fit,
Since hours I have been sitting on this park bench,
Observing the jolly two year old kid.
He did get a blue balloon,
but he craved for a red one too,
And all my memories flashed back,
when I was a craving child too.
It started from a balloon,
To my demands for more,
It then unknowingly increased,
for pencils, for cycles,
and more, and more.
Times changed, and so did my needs,
Or should I now say,
Times changed, and so did my ‘wants’.
From new cars to more fame,
and all the things that I could flaunt.
Now I have a small family and nothing that I can brag,
but I feel so very happy,
and think that my life nowhere lags.

All the things I found happiness in,
are now actually so futile,
I wish I’d never struggled for the momentary bliss,
and had understood the ultimate aim of life.
The contentment was never felt,
until the greed was in my head,
I don’t dance for the two balloons I got,
but yes I do feel happy,
for the lesson of real ‘happiness’
My life has taught.

-RTR Jaanvi Haria.



For a girl with several admirers, a few secretive and many frank, all for her intelligent  sense of fashion well being, he was different. Way different.

Dating a hairstylist disaster  disaster was quite an ask for her. Call it perhaps, chalk and cheese?

But didn’t science often say, opposite poles do attract!

‘Ayeee, slope cut  suits you!’, she squealed in joy to him. A rare occasion of something looking perfect on him and she knew it!

‘Darling , very few things suit well on me. And that small list, begins with YOU!’

He got one of the tightest hugs, ever. He had nailed it, and she knew it, yet again!
That was one happy place to be!
He closed the diary in haste and hurriedly hid it under his pillow and pretended to be asleep.
Isha entered the room without any indication.
“Haven’t you woken up yet. Atleast be up on time today. So many people would be coming home today. And you’re keeping that slope cut hairstyle that we discussed about yesterday.”
Slope cut  still united them like nothing else did.

“Oh sorry, sweetheart. I’m up!”

“Any gift for me?”, she enquired.
“Sorry, but nothing!”
She left, visibly disappointed.

Little did she know, he had penned down all their experiences and memories together over the years with pictures, in that diary. And that he read it daily in the morning before she woke up!

It was their 10th  anniversary. He had planned to finally gift Isha, that Diary tonight!

Poles apart, yet 10 years and getting better with age. Variations, indeed, had brought the best out of them!
Thankfully, Love never know what hairstyle and appearances meant!

-RTR Monil Thakkar


She had baked a cake for the first time. It was his 25th birthday!

25 years ago,
He had ended her 9 months long wait as he cried and arrived, draped in a white blanket. Well, Arnav looked just like her!

Today, exactly 25 years to that memorable day, he was to end her year long wait for him, yet again, all set to return from Siachen. #URIattack

Well, Heard of Destiny?

Just that the the Indian Flag took the place of the white blanket and the cries were replaced by deafening silence and mourning.

Her Arnav was now Martyr Lieutenant Arnav Sharma.

A Salute to all the Selfless Sons of the Nation who brave their lives, despite being aware of their scarce survival odds. And their Mothers, for whom, every moment threatens to become a Wait, that would perhaps last forever! In this moment of grief all the citizens support you, actors sportsmen are the reel life heroes but our soldiers are the unsung heroes of our country who act as our shield. #uriattack#timetogiveitback.

-RTR Monil Thakkar



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