World Aids Day !

img_20161201_222024So hello readers! Happy World AIDS Day! Now the awareness about this disease
might seems a little too cliché to some people. But do we realize that somehow or
the other, we are all related to this disease.
Maybe you are the young healthy human being who is not taking the test of AIDS
despite the protruding symptoms, just because of your fear. Maybe you are a
patient of AIDS who is constantly isolated from all the other people in your
surrounding environment. Maybe you are a friend of a patient and feel very
unfortunate for your fellow mate and help him in doing things. Or the worst,
maybe you are the stranger who knows many people going through AIDS but
always look down upon them and consider them to be ‘infectious.’
Here we are, the Rotaract Club of Mulund Mumbai South, to yet again break
some myths and stereotype mentalities about AIDS.
To start with, no, it’s not that you will get AIDS if you are around the people with
AIDS. Physical contact like touching or hugging or even sharing the same food
same person. AIDS only gets into the body through a virus.
And no, only people who get AIDS aren’t drug addicts, sex workers or
homosexuals. Although they fall into high risk group, any common person can get
this disease.
Also, a person with AIDS will surely die soon is yet again, a myth. HIV only
progresses to AIDS, if left untreated. Antiretroviral treatments can stop the
progression of HIV to AIDS and the condition might remain subsided for many
years. Also, not always does the baby of an HIV+ pregnant mother have the
infection. In fact, there are less than 2% chances of the baby to get AIDS. Whether an HIV mother can or cannot breastfeed is still in a grey research
area. But my friends, at the end of the day, avoiding and isolating the patients of AIDS
from the rest of the people is just another stupid thing to do. It’s high time we
start thinking rationally. We need to empower and motivate the patients, we
need to become their friends and help them go through their difficult times.
Because at the end of the day, love should be our race, and humanity should be
our religion!


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