How it feels to be a part of RCMMS!

Namaste! Holla! Bonjour!

First blog of the year?
We asked a few of our members about their feelings on being a part of RCMMS, and here are the responses! :’)

Let us first see what the alumni had to say!

They seem to have loved the experience of being a part of the club.

“I have been associated with RCMMS since approximately 10 years now in various capacities. And it has been an awesome journey. Be it as a member, a BOD, President, or the Alumni. The club has given me immense opportunities to learn, to make mistakes, and to improve. It has helped me become a better person.” – Rtr. Kapil, Alumni, and Past President, 2008-09 & Charter Member.

RCMMS has always been very close to my heart. It’s like an extended family to me. I always feels like an elder brother who guides, supports and helps all the members of RCMMS and receives lots of affection from them. – Rtr. Karan Raval, the IPP of Rotary Club of Mumbai Mulund South and Alumni of the Rotaract Club Of Mumbai Mulund South & Charter Member.

“I was reborn as a Person in Rotaract, but RCMMS gave me the path to successfully lead on to Glory, Truly “One Life, One Love, RCMMS.” – Rtr. Jagdish, Alumni, and President, 2010-11 & Charter Member.
The Board of Directors and The Core team of 2017-18 have a lot to say too!

Rtr. Jaanvi Haria, The Editor, says that RCMMS is the one place where she can show her talent off and serve the people to her fullest, both at the same time.

“I love RCMMS because it has some of the most influential leaders. The people here continuously make me want to strive to be a better friend, rotaracter, and leader,” says Rtr. Hinal Gala, the Joint Secretary of the club. And we can’t disagree because we all feel the same.

Meanwhile, Rtr. Sampada, the current Secretary feels empowered to be a part of RCMMS. According to her, RCMMS is her family which has been with her through the tough times too. She joined RCMMS to give something to the society. But at the end of the day, she says, she will be taking back a lot of learning and memories.

Our very own Club Service Director, Rtr. Krisha Gandhi, feels that at RCMMS, 100 minds come together with 1000 ideas but what everyone havs in common is 1 Objective.

Rtr. Sumedh, the Community Service Director, has more to say on what rotaract gave him, and can give others as well. He says that at rotaract, everything is done with sole intention of helping the community evolve and strengthen. It’s complete package to learn, explore and grow!

“Rcmms has made great leaders and many success stories and will help me to become one good leader too.” says Rtr. Khusboo, the Sergeant-at-Arms for the year.

The President 2017-18, Rtr. Mohit Jain feels privileged to be a part of this club. He values it all, and cannot even express how he looks forward to make this year amazing. He also wants to learn a lot many things from RCMMS, which is a lot like his extended family!

We’re grateful to be a part of the club and have already started putting all our efforts to make this year a blast! The first month was an amazing kick-start. Let’s make it an eventful year again! 🌠

#OneLife #OneLove #RCMMS ⚡


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